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While  being in Nevsehir Cappadocia itself is a “fairy tale” , a 250-year old Greek mansion with conceptual rooms makes it easier to fall from the reality. When Turan Gülcüoğlu bought this mansion in the early 2000, it was ruined and now it has been kind of revived by his design combining various linguistic, religious and cultural features that has left its mark on the region that’s why he has given the name “Sacred House”.  The Hotel having received Conde Nast Design Award s a result of a well-founded restoration  consists of 21 private rooms including one special room with Ottoman Sultan’s signature, antique pitchers and basins in the room while another one takes attention to Virgin Mary statues, helmets of Medieval knights, swords hanging on the walls. The common characteristic of these rooms is splendor!  Carved doors, gold gilded great mirrors, ornamented headboards, large crystal chandeliers, velvet upholstery and icons hiding on the stone walls all tells a different story.
In rooms taking attention with interesting names such as Chevalier, Bacchus, Harem, The Byzantium Treasury,   Fairies Nest, The King’s Ego and Old Chapel technological details like Tv or DVD player don’t exist not to disrupt the mystical ambience. Though you don’t feel the absence of them while sipping the home made cherry liqueurs served in handcrafted crystal bottles by the fireplace.  The price per night ranges between 250 and 1.500 euro depending on the ‘story’ you will choose.

Sacred House - Dorak Holding

Sacred House – Dorak Holding

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